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Li'l Zippers

How it all began....

Lisa Vitale, had a bright future in the manufacturing, logistics and wholesale industry, but the birth of her beautiful son Jacob would see her use these skills to design and create gorgeous, bright and colourful baby and toddler wear.  Lisa is absolutely full of energy and has creativity to burn.  So ‘Why the jump from the Supply Chain world to baby and toddler clothing?’ you ask -  I’ll let Lisa explain.

Following the birth of my son in 2011, I became aware that much of the baby and toddler clothing (I received as gifts and purchased)  were  soooo  gorgeous but realized,  were just not practical.

It was 3am one morning, with my infant son squirming mightily while I tried to change him, that I became disenchanted with these lovely clothes that were just clumsy and difficult to get your child into – especially as a new Mum with very little sleep!

I hated fumbling with press studs, buttons and kimono style suits – a problem that is shared by Mum’s and Dad's everywhere.  This ongoing problem was beautifully expressed in a recent blog post by Mummy Blogger - Carla Greenwood when she apologized to her friends for gifts she bought before she had children herself:

I’m sorry for buying you beautiful clothing with buttons.

Evil, evil buttons!  Yes, that Marie Claire growsuit is extremely sweet. However, have you ever tried putting nine tiny buttons through nine tiny holes on three hours’ sleep?

I wanted to find a solution to help (rather than hinder) parents to change their little babies clothing easily and without fuss.  I started to design zip growsuits with my main focus being the "chin -to bum design. With the zip running directly in the middle all the way up behind the baby’s little bottom. I found this way both legs were able to come out easier than the one sided zip romper. I wanted clothes that were bright , funky colourful, but also comfortable and practical.

So this was how Li’l Zippers was born. Our collections now include fashion pieces for Newborn to Toddlers  but I still focus on the practicality of dressing your little one first. Our Li'l outfits can be found online and in selected gift stores and children's boutiques across Australia .

So my beautiful son Jacob still is my muse and I am very fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive partner in Andrew – without them Li’l Zippers would never have become a reality.

Please enjoy browsing my unique collection,  I hope Li’l Zippers can provide you with colour and practicality for the babies and toddlers in your world.