ergoPouch Ultimate Sleep Kit including Swaddle + CD + DVD


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ergoPouch Ultimate Sleep Kit

The Ultimate Sleep Kit by ErgoPouch

This sleep kit is ideal for new mums; the best newborn gift!

This kit will teach parents settling techniques and strategies before and after problems arise so the whole family can sleep, rest and stay well connected.

Developed by leading sleep specialists, recommended by Health Professionals at Safe Sleep Space, this is the perfect all in one tool for settling a baby!

Included in this kit

  • DVD : A step by step; gentle, loving guide to settling baby
  • CD WHITE NOISE : soothes your baby
  • SWADDLE (2-6 months, 0.2 TOG ErgoCocoon in Natural design) - mimics the womb environment and provides them security. Its pure, organic cotton fibres ensure natural softness, comfort, and safety.

About the Safe Sleep Space

  • Helen Stevens is a registered nurse, midwife & maternal & child health nurse. She is family partnerships-trained and is a member of both the World and Australian Associations of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) (AAIMHI).
  • Cindy Davenport is a registered nurse, midwife, maternal & child health nurse & lactation consultant and is a member of the Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand (LCANZ) and The Australian Breastfeeding Association

Safe Sleep Space™ is a response based approach that specializes in settling infants and children without using any of the timed extinction methods such as controlled crying.

Safe Sleep Space™ fosters the emotional health and welfare of infants, babies, children and their parents.

Safe Sleep Space™ offers a comprehensive, evidence-informed approach to infant/child sleep and settling that has been growing over the past few years thanks to the ever increasing support from health professionals and parents both locally in Australia and overseas.