COMBO Baby Shusher + 3 Muslin Swaddles

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COMBO Baby Shusher + 3 Muslin Swaddles

The perfect duo to keep your little one calm: The Baby Shusher + Musling Swaddles



The revolutionary Baby Shusher quickly soothes any fussy baby. Developed off of the parenting technique in the “Happiest Baby on the Block” book, the Baby Shusher incorporates the fourth ‘S’ of the “Five S’” – shushing. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher draws on ancient, time-tested practices. Plus, the Baby Shusher allows you to set your timing preference with either a 15-minute option or a 30-minute option and it has built-in volume control so that it’s louder than baby’s cries, which is proven to help calm babies. The Baby Shusher is for newborns and up.

Features & Benefits
  • Revolutionary Baby Shusher quickly soothes any fussy baby
  • Uses shushing to calm baby, which is the fourth of the “Five S’”
  • Parenting technique from “The Happiest Baby on the Block”
  • Plays loud, rhythmic shushing noises
  • Built-in sound sensor
  • Timing options: 15 or 30 minutes
  • Wrist strap included
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • For ages: Newborns and up

The Baby Shusher certainly doesn't replace a cuddle, a feed, a change, burping or even a lullaby but it does give mums a chance to gently soothe a baby out of a crying spell and remain calm. Some mums that have been up between 8-10 times a night have found it a complete life saver enabling them to soothe baby without stressing themselves or their little one. 

The Baby Shusher isn't just for Mums! The newborn photography industry is loving our product too! 



With more uses and a longer life than traditional receiving blankets, our Swaddles are a wonderfully unique baby shower gift or a special treat for your own baby. Made from 100% cotton, these muslin Swaddles are incredibly soft after a wash, and are perfect for your little one.

Keep your baby comfortable and secure in our 100% cotton muslin swaddles, which are great when paired with The Baby Shusher.


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