New mom’s must haves

New mom’s must haves

29th Apr 2016

Believe it or not, parenting is one of the toughest jobs in this world. You face extraordinary challenges every day, you are on duty 24/7, and you don’t have day offs.

Soon to be moms may anticipate this one already but the experience of being a real one perhaps is entirely different. But moms are wonder woman themselves, so just a few reminders to prepare for the real battle are what they need to be equipped.


Small, medium, large, white, blue, pink. With different colors and sizes, be sure to grab anything in case of emergency. Some kids may have skin irritation or rashes so it’s better to try on different types to determine which one will match your baby’s sensitive skin.

Laundry bag 

To keep things in peace and order. A messy room for a house with a baby is an understatement. Surely, you need bags to put your laundries on rather than watch them pile up in one corner of your room. Frequently, moms overlook this matter but to keep things stress-free, a laundry bag is a safer choice.

Baby/Receiving blankets  

To keep your baby warm. Your little one has a very delicate skin and body at a very early stage. For the cold season or travels, make sure to wrap your baby in a  soft baby blanket to avoid unwanted sickness.

Medical kit 

Is vital for emergency calls. Your baby may catch a cold or fever and you don’t have time to go out to buy medicine for that matter, especially if you’re a full time mom, on duty alone in the house. Save medicines as much as possible to relieve your kids uneasy feeling immediately, anytime.

Baby carrier 

For a convenient mall strolling or park walking. Carriers allow you to do multi-tasking too. You can do the dishes, or watch over your laundry while your baby is safe and sound, close to your body. You can even update your status in Facebook or tweet anything in Twitter.

Baby mittens

For the children’s fragile tiny hands. A baby does a lot of hand movements and frequently they get little face wounds out of it. With colorful mittens on, you can prevent this to happen and secure them from fingernail problems.

Good quality wipes 

Are perfect to clean up your baby when changing diapers. Changing diapers is a little messy task so be sure to wipe your baby’s body with enough care. Again, your babies have a subtle skin so be picky in providing the essentials for them.

Diaper bag 

To keep the diapers organized. It is a whole lot better to keep the diapers in a neat storage to help you prepare easily. Plus, you can also stock unlimited diapers and carry it everywhere whenever you have travels.

Sleeping essentials 

Be sure to provide your  baby comfortable sleepwear for a sound, undisturbed sleep. Choose an appropriate clothing material for the changing season. Make sure to check your baby’s comfort from time to time in order to secure the luxury of sleep they deserve.