Introducing the NEW Ergopouch Winter Sleep Suit

Introducing the NEW Ergopouch Winter Sleep Suit

4th Apr 2018

Ergopouch 2.5 TOG Winter Sleep Suit

Made from a skin-friendly organic cotton jersey outer layer and 100% breathable cotton filling, available in our best selling prints.

Ideal for toddlers transitioning into a big bed when they tend to move around in their sleep and kick off bedding, the suit will keep them warm all night long.


2.5 TOG - Made with thick organic cotton filling, making it warmer, more snug sleep option. The suit is designed to be worn on its own without the need of a Sleeping Bag or Sleep Suit Bag. Specially designed for kids aged one to five years.


The three-way zip feature makes night time bathroom visits a breeze and also helps support toilet training toddlers, without the need to unzip the entire suit to the floor. Zip is adjustable sp upi can zip in either direction.


Fold over cuffs and mitts keep those little fingers and toes toasty warm! (Cuffs available for size up to 2 years). 

Free room thermometer & dressing guide included in every purchase!