Go Organic with Your Baby’s Clothes, Here’s Why

Go Organic with Your Baby’s Clothes, Here’s Why

17th Oct 2016

Everywhere you go, you see the term organic. From food to furniture to clothes, you just can’t seem to avoid the label. People these days are becoming more aware of the environment and the harmful practices involved in the production of everyday items, which is why going organic has become a full lifestyle for many.

When it comes to your baby’s clothes, do you know that going organic will not only help you protect your baby but save you a lot in costs in the long run? Read more to find out why you should adopt this mindset for your little one.

Baby skin

As we all know, the skin of babies are much more sensitive and more prone to outbreaks, which is why baby products are much gentler and more natural for as much as possible. The skin of your baby is a lot more porous and definitely thinner, which means that babies absorb more into their skin than adults do. With a less oily and more prone to sun damage skin structure, babies need all the help they can get in terms of protective clothing, especially because their resistance to bacteria is lesser.

What sets organic clothing apart

Organic clothing for babies will provide less exposure to harmful toxins because the cotton in these garments are not produced through conventional ways, which means pesticides are not used and there are safer and more natural strategies employed in making them.

Cotton produced the organic way is also much more durable and resilient, which means that you can get great value with your purchase. Organic clothes are also gentler on your baby’s skin. Although they come with the pricier tag compared to normal clothes, organic items carry better quality and are able to take more washing before they start breaking down.

Organic material can last for over a hundred wash times compared to non-organic ones which start breaking down after twenty washes or less. This is because the fibres in the cotton used take much less abuse that conventionally produced cotton, which means they undergo less bleaching, dyeing, softening, and other types of mass production methods that not only lessen the quality but also give way to harmful substances your baby may be exposed to.

Why organic again? 

A natural environment free of harmful elements is an essential part of a baby’s growing life. The world is already full of toxins and pollutants that your baby can be exposed to. Organic fibres in clothes is just one small yet important way in which you can protect your infant and provide the best possible comfort and care.

Support a healthy environment for your little one by choosing organic clothes for baby boys and girls. Not only will it help your babies in terms of general well-being, but it will also help you choose the best products and items which can save you a lot on the financial side.