Dress Your Baby For Springtime

Dress Your Baby For Springtime

7th Oct 2016


For fashionable mums who can’t help but plan out baby outfits for each event or season of the year, springtime is the perfect time to experiment. With the wonderful sunshine and showers and all the things that spring brings in, your baby will definitely look extra adorable with some spring-ready outfits. Read below for some ideas to get you started.

You don’t always have to go for the obvious - and pricey - choices that are available on racks upon racks of baby clothes in stores. Combine comfort with efficiency and style and your baby will be less fussy and more ready for some spring time mood.

Lay out the basics

For baby girls, spring does not always have to involve frilly and ultra-girly clothes. Just opt for more viable combinations such as shirts paired with leggings for babies or skirts, which are very comfortable and have less itchy design accents with their mostly cotton make up. For both boys and girls, look for easy to wear pants such as pull-on ones which can be easily taken off with their elastic waists and flexible structure.

One-piece outfits are also another good option as long as they can be easily pulled off as well, such as simple zip-ups or button-ups with no other complicated designs. Layering with skirts and bodysuits is a good idea for chillier moments outside.

Not too fancy

Simple clothing such as sundresses are easy to pull off as they can stand on their own as style goes. Plus, you can also put a shirt over it or let your baby wear leggings underneath as the weather demands. This translates to comfort and a stylish look without any other overbearing elements. Invest in a cardigan as well, preferably a colourful one, to add a springtime vibe to any outfit.

It is also a good thing to keep in mind that sweaters can go with almost anything, whether it’s dresses or leggings and shirts. Protect your baby in any weather with some trusty sweaters in neutral colours for easier mixing and matching, then choose more colourful inner clothes for the perfect combination.

Rompers are another ideal baby outfit for the season, especially for outdoor activities such as the playground, picnics or family outings. They are easy to put on and get off and are durable enough to withstand your baby’s usual activities in the dirt, the sand and other elements. They also offer extra comfort to keep your baby happy and free.

Dress-up clothes and swim attire

Babies grow up so fast that for the current spring season, you may only need one dressy outfit for your little one for those formal events. When choosing, keep your baby’s comfort in mind and avoid anything too dressy, especially those with added frills as these can readily irritate your baby’s skin.

As for swimwear, if a trip to the beach or pool is planned out this season, then choose only one swim outfit for your little one. Look out for durable ones that you can use for other seasonal trips to the waters and feel free to choose cutesy options with vibrant colours. It would also be good to look up swim diapers and waterproof covers where needed.

Get creative this spring with your baby’s outfits by looking for the best clothing options without sacrificing economy and comfort. Make sure to get the basics covered and get your layering skills out for the best outfits for your little one.