About Us

Sweet Little Giggles is every parent’s answer to meeting their bundle of joy’s clothing and accessories needs.

Born out of the need to offer comfortable accessories and clothing for young little ones, Sweet Little Giggles is the perfect online destination for both new and experienced parents. This online store is now 4 years in the business and still counting the years of providing fellow parents the help and services that they need.

As a mother of two wonderful children, namely Ethan and Hunter, Sweet Little Giggles knows that being a parent is no walk in the park. From adequate nutrition to proper accessories and clothing, we parents strive to give our children only the best that they deserve. Lack of sleep has proven to have dire effects on babies, especially in their interest to learn. We have come to learn from medical experts that swaddling young babies and the use of sleeping bags for older ones promotes proper sleep, which contributes to their overall well-being.

This online store is dedicated to give parents the help they need. The products chosen on our site were personally tried and tested. Our store also features a wide assortment of local products, especially plenty of good ones right here in Australia.

Get your little one’s sleeping schedule back on track by giving him only the most comfortable and the most stylish clothes and accessories on the market that can be used for both business and playtime. After all, a good night’s sleep means a happy family.

Our little children are only young once, so treasure those moments in both style and comfort.